Funnyjunk, 4chan, and 9GAG are sites where users can share images with subjects and comments and other users can comment on them, created in 2001, 2004, and 2008. 4chan is divided into boards by letters. reddit was a social news site, where users could share links or self posts, created in 2005, divided into subreddits. The link option soon led viewers to create content for reddit, and submit it using the links. OK, so I am a proud redditor, but people are starting to say that reddit steals from 4chan. So let me give you my thoughts. Everybody on the Internet who isn't a 9GAGger knows that 4chan does make their own content, and is in fact the source of all the most popular memes on the Internet. 4chan and reddit. But 4chan was first. I have been to 4chan myself, and they make boatloads of original content, but the reason some people don't browse it is because it has a reputation for being crazy. I have only been there once, and this was my brief investigation about so many claims of reddit stealing from 4chan. I went on /v/, the video games board, which I guess could be seen as 4chan's version of reddit's r/gaming. /v/ did not seem to have any discussion about video games, but it was more pictures of hand-drawn porn and "this makes my dick hard. Tee hee." I grant 4chan the right to do whatever they want on their own site, but I think that all these "reddit steals from 4chan" claims are just spam to shock inexperienced redditors into viewing 4chan, because /b/tards will be /b/tards. But yeah, Even if the content I found on 4chan was greatly disturbing, it was content. And it was definitely original. But 4chan users claim that reddit steals from 4chan, but reddit actually creates original content based off of templates, memes, and ideas created in threads on 4chan's /b/. So what's the deal about 9GAG stealing from reddit? Well, in the large "r/4chan" part of reddit, (it was probably posted there because "r/9gag" is a tiny subreddit that nobody reads) you can find 9FAG_EXPERT's "9GAG "Repost Machine" Explained," or I can give you the link right here: It's a pretty long post. Even the URL takes up exactly one line. For those of you who don't know, reddit started out as a site to share and discuss news, but quickly grew to become what many refer to as "4chan with a condom," that is to say, "4chan but without all the craziness." Sure, there's always "r/gonewild," a porn subreddit, "r/spacedicks," a disturbing porn subreddit, "r/sex," "r/porn," "r/wwww," "r/sexstories,", "r/gore," "r/tipofmypenis," "r/beatingwomen" are all not safe for work. But it's all in one place, so it can be easily avoided for those who do not want to be haunted until death, unlike 4chan. And then we have everybody saying Funnyjunk steals from reddit. Everybody on reddit would complain about Funnyjunk's "thievery." The only reason I did not believe this at first was because Funnyjunk was here before even 4chan, which many say is the source of "all memes on the Internet." I think it should be the source of "most memes on the Internet. But still, before 4chan came around Funnyjunk didn't really use memes to entertain their fanbase. Instead, they would use simple images. So, yeah, I thought it impossible that Funnyjunk steals from reddit, until I went to Funnyjunk once and saw a few posts that I saw on reddit's front page the other day. So Funnyjunk does in fact steal from reddit. I see so many "Digg steals from reddit"s, but it doesn't. Digg started out as a news site and still is, I really don't think that Digg should be incorporated into this mess. You hear that? You're free to go, little Digg! So these are just my personal opinions about the war. I wish my fellow redditors the best of luck.

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