So for those of you that have been living under a rock, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West named their baby (who I discovered was a girl due to a quick Google search) "North West," (Nori for short?) which obviously attracted controversy. And from what I've heard, Kanye wanted to name his child "Easten." (Easten West). So, anyway, I conducted a YouTube search for "North West," and literally every result had something to do with the baby. So I clicked a video that looked interesting, which was basically a news video about Kim and Kanye explaining the name, and mixed criticism was recieved in the comments. I distinctly remember one person claiming that Kim and Kanye were going to get sed because the term "North West" is owned by North West airlines. I'm not sure if this person was just trolling, but that stupidity was so horrible I had to respond. I told him that he was right, because North West wasn't a DIRECTION! Wouldn't it be funny if North joined the band One Direction? OK, I'm thinking way too far outside the box. I would have liked if the baby was named "Korth," to keep up with Kim Kardashians thing about naming her children "K" words such as "Khloe." Actually, that's the only one I know. There are so many Kardaahians that they should start a show called "Keeping up with the Kardashians." Oh, wait, never mind. I'm assuming the next best thing to do is to give them their own reasonably sized country, like Kardashia. And by the way, South West airlines HAS to be better than any other, and here's why: There's a YouTube video of a flight attendant RAPPPING the safety debriefing. I'll end this blog so you can go search it.

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