A while ago, I deleted my old blog, because I misused it. See, the blog should not be tweeted (I really meant to type "treated") as our own little version of Twitter. I don't know. Which brings us to the subject of Twitter. My Twitter username is @adevens6. My email is anow, here's something I noticed. Celebreties will have official Twitter accounts and will tweet from them, but they must be too important for their own Facebook accounts, so they have other, completely random people do "pages" for them. I don't believe in that. I'm listed as a person and I operate under alex.devens.3. So, yeah, basically the purpose of this blog was to tell you my usernames on other parts of the Internet, so you can email me and follow me and stuff. Also, don't forget my beautiful reddit account, advens6.

Next blog: North West

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