Oh, hi, didnt see you there, its Josh here!!!!! With something new: Jabei TV Show news! Ok, so today we are doing Doctor Who. I reallly recomend this show because this has emotion and it is really funny. I have watched all episodes (well most of them) and it's heartbreaking so I'll tell you about the doctor, starting with the War Doctor. The War Doctor had no episodes, but he was in Day of the Doctor ,and thats it about. The 9th Doctor had only 1 season and this was the starting of the new series, (like the good graphics) and in my opinion, he was good but I didnt like him that much, but he was good. Now, the 10th doctor, David Tennant he was really good, the 2nd best for me and he had about 4 seasons is it? I don't know but he had made friends/companions, and it was a blast with him. He regenarated 2 times but had the same face and same personalites. And finally, the 12th Doctor, Matt Smith. In my opinion he was the best. He was chinny, funny, and much more. Sadly, he had only 3 seasons :(:(:(:(:(:( HE NEEDED MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Wipes all earth- Ok, ummm, he had alot of companions like Amy who is Karen Gillian in the new show selfie but..................... I have sad news.. it's the end of this. I'll show you some pictures. 

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